Game darting & boma herding

Kriek Helicopters specializes in a wide variety of tasks including game capture. The game capture services include herding and darting services. All our pilots are game capture/cull rated and has a great deal of experience with wildlife.

Dr. Johan Kriek has been involved with helicopter game capture since 1987 and has spent many hours as passenger prior to his flying career. He has darted from Robinson R22's, R44's, Hughes 300's, Squirrels and Bell helicopters.

Other game services include using helicopters as a platform for tracking wounded animals and vaccinations of animals against the dreaded anthrax and botulism diseases. When involved with game capture it is important to keep stress to the animal minimal and this is an integral part of our game capture operations. That is why we use only experienced pilots. We offer game capture helicopter services from our Kimberley base of operation.

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