Kimberley helicopter services

We have R44 helicopters available in Kimberley. We provide the following helicopter services in the Northern Cape: Game capture, game culling, game counts, survey, executive charter, filming, photography & tourism flights. Other helicopter operations can also be arranged through subcontracting. The gateway to the Northern Cape diamond fields is through Kimberley with one of our helicopters.

The Kimberley helicopter service can be chartered to any destination of choice with very affordable rates. The Big Hole in Kimberley is something to see from a helicopter and we offer "The Big Five" helicopter tour, which is a aerial tour of the big five mining holes in Kimberley. This is one of the most exciting history tours in the country. The area around Kimberley is also ideal for game ranching and the wildlife industry is booming in the Northern Cape. The helicopter is an ideal tool for game ranchers to manage wildlife. We offer transfer to luxurious game lodges around Kimberley like Mattanu Private Game Reserve. Mattanu Private Game Reserve also offer an exciting bushveld dinner fly-in experience in association with Kriek Helicopters. This helicopter service is one of the best under the Northern Cape sun.

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