Wildlife census

Kriek Game counts are the foundation of successfully game ranching, it gives you an accurate update of breeding herds, trophies and sex ratios. Game counts have to be done once a year and usually farmers prefer to do game counts in the beginning of each year. Game counts during the rainy season is not as accurate due to the vegetation cover.

The best time to count would be during the winter months when the least amount of leaves and cover are on the trees. Game counts are very accurate but certain species can be inaccurate like Kudu, Waterbuck and Impala. Game counts become very accurate after the third yearly count.

We do most game counts with the safe Robinson R44 helicopter. This is for safety reasons and low cost of operation. It is ideal to do game counts with 1 pilot and 2 spotters on boards. The counts are done using a GPS system where the pilot flies in parallel strips to cover the entire area. This system is very accurate and effective. We offer game counting services in Port Elizabeth, Nelspruit, Kimberley & Upington..

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