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Experience the freedom of helicopters.  Talk to us to make your flying dream a reality.  We can assist with sales, training & rental or lease options.

Helicopter Sales
View our wide range of pre-owned helicopter or order your new helicopter.  We can arrange worldwide shipping.
Helicopter Sales Kriek Helicopters
Wedding flights
Book your grand entrance to one of the most important days of your life.  We also offer worldwide helicopter & jet charter flights.
Helicopter Weddings Kriek Helicopters
Charter & Transfer
Need to reduce travel time?  Book a helicopter.  We offer collections virtually anywhere and we can accommodate 2-5 pax per helicopter
Helicopter training Kriek Helicopters
"safety is more important than price..."
Helicopter & Jet Flights

Helicopters Charter South Africa
Jet charter South Africa
Explore your World.
Experience the most unique form of air travel and luxury.  Book one of our helicopters today and we will take you places few have never seen before.   

Need to go further?  Use the business jet and avoid airport queues
Save Time with a Jet.
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South Africa

Cape Town Helicopters Kriek Helicopters
Cape Town SA
Johannesburg Helicopters Kriek Helicopters
Johannesburg SA
Polokwane Helicopters Kriek Helicopters
Polokwane SA
Bloemfontein Helicopters Kriek Helicopters
Bloemfontein SA
Durban Helicopters Kriek Helicopters
Port Elizabeth SA
Kimberley Helicopter Services
Kimberley SA
Nelspruit SA
Durban Helicopters
Durban SA

Upington Helicopters Kriek Helicopters
Upington SA
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